.Using Mixed Media Art To Decorate a House

Decorating a house has become a challenge for many people. Without the help of home decorators, some of the house would be complete messes especially if they have children. The reason is not so much in what we do not have but more in what is at our own disposal but is never utilized properly.
When decorating a house, the most that some people have opted to go is painting the walls and sticking some pictures of themselves. While this is not a bad idea, it is no longer fashionable besides being too plain. Decoration calls for creativity and imagination. You will be surprised when you invite a home decorator who will advise you that the simple things you have will go a long way in making your house that dream house you have always wanted. One of the best ways of decorating a house is by using mixed media art.

As the word suggests, mixed media art has to do with a mixture of certain aspects of art to create a wholesome and different art. Here are some of the ways of decorating your house using mixed media art.

Play with colors

The secret of mixed media art is color. When you have the right colors in then you will definitely get it right. Use different colors of pictures from those of the walls. The use of pieces of clothes is more fashionable than the use of paper.


While many people may not consider this as part of mixed media art, it is true that you can enhance the look of your living room by using different types of lights. A work of art looks different depending on the color of light that laminates on the art work.


Make different shapes from pieces of paper. Color them different. For example have the shape of love in which you draw a map of the globe. With a well colored frame it is a potential decorating feature.