The Jargon of Mixed Media Art

Arts have completely taken over the scene of the world. Everything has to incorporate artistic spell in one way or another. Science driven institutions like schools, hospital and firms have some sense of art in them because everything calls for artistic torch when they have do be decorated. The aesthetic value of works of art cannot be underestimated.

Like other fields, works of arts have their own language that is and can best be understood by artistes. Again, art is wide and has different ways of manifestation. Dance, music, drawing, ceramics and now mixed media art. This article gives interest to mixed media art and its jargon.


This is the category of art whose major raw material is clay. Its focus is mainly on the finishes of shaping. Flaking is an ancient method that replaced shaping of wood or stone to artistic materials


This concerns itself with support. Before any works of art commences, there is a background supporting materials that are put in place to support the main work. This is common in sculpture.


This has to do with color. It means the artistic work in its original form without color. Generally, black and white are used but the work is assumed to have no color.


You have probably come across a work of art and you thought that some elements have been exaggerated meaning that something has been used too much. Balance is the effort to have some even or uneven distribution of an element in a work of art. This is deliberate


This has to do with the surface of a drawing or a sculpture. These are deliberate fine crack on a work of art. They help to create a natural appeal to the work.

Egg Tempra

This is pain, particularly wet paint that is made from egg yoke.