• Traditional Art and Contemporary Art

    Apart from the confusion between postmodern art and modern art, this is yet another group of eras that are hard to fathom. What these eras that seem to be all over the field of arts try to demonstrate is the fact that arts are dynamic. Nevertheless, it is still good to have facts right about more »

  • Postmodern and Modern Art

    These two words have wrongly been used interchangeably for some time now. However, this wrong usage is understood especially when it is discussed by people who are not in the field of art. The reason for this lies in the fact that one is actually part of the other. It still good anyway to have more »

  • The Mediums of Art

    I am only avoiding the use of the word types of arts in this discussion otherwise some people particularly those in the artistic domain might want to call them types of art. However, since it has become very difficult to define the word art comprehensively not only for me but also the artists themselves as more »

  • Styles in which works of art are realized

    It is clear the artistic tactics and styles are growing by the day, a fact that can be attributed to the fact that artists themselves are creative and imaginative. Styles of presenting a work of art vary. This trend has led to cropping of different eras in art, like contemporary arts and post modern arts more »