Mixed Media Art

The emotive contribution of art work is not something to be ignored. Art work help us to connect with the world around us and appreciate things that we sometimes take for granted yet so crucial to our social, emotional and psychological growth. There are different works of art that serve this purpose, these include, Literature, painting, drawing and mixed media art. This article gives emphasis to mixed media art. Mixed media art is the combination of different visual arts preferably traditional art works. Caution should be taken to prevent mistaking mixed media art with multimedia art. While mixed media art implies a combination of things, it is quite the opposite.
Multimedia art combines both the visual and non visual art while mixed media art involve only visual art, the thin distinction comes with the nature of mixed media art using other elements of art to enhance the aesthetics of an art work. The following are some of the mixed media woks that have received a lot of acclaim:
Making of Buttons from Bones
Bones may be disposed off with a mental inclination that they have no use. However, with art almost everything can be put into use. With crystal paint together with alcohol ink you are set to making the beast buttons for yourself. All you need is smash the bones or grind them. Make a rough past of mixture of bone crystals, crystal paint and alcohol ink. Make a container in the shape you want your buttons to be. Heat the thick paste. Pour the paste in the ready container and make some small holes on them. Let the paste to dry on the container. Upon drying, remove the dry piece. You can paint the buttons using ink of your choice or better yet you can draw patterns.
Other forms of mixed media art is making paper cloth or flowers from papers, and then decorating them.