Embracing Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is modern art. The term modern does not mean just some few years ago, some believe that contemporary time began at the end of the Second World War. There are many genres of art. Music, dance, sculpture, drawing, and many more craft works have received a modern touch.
What makes an art contemporary? In order to answer this question effectively, it is important to look at ancient art and its characteristics compared to modern art. There is various little differences between the ancient and modern art. Firstly, the use of technology has greatly affected art. A perfect example of this trend is drawing. Drawing of ancient was just a pen and paper affair. Today, the case is completely different with the introduction of computerized art. More sophisticated tools and equipment for drawing are used. The same applies in other artistic works.
It is interesting to know that contemporary work is increasingly getting attention from all corners. Businesses are on the fore front in this regard. Advertisement is such one sector that has used contemporary art to a great extent. For example, companies that produce luxury goods are conspicuously using contemporary art in marketing.
Corporate organizations have been on the rise in advocating for the use of contemporary art. They have done this magnificently through sponsoring not just individual artists but also art awards. Graffiti a modern art form has been used as a way f communicating some message to the society. For example, there has been sensitization about dangers of social evils like rape, violence, and murder through graffiti drawn in streets. Reo de Janeiro in Brazil is one such city with numerous graffiti serving the same course.
The climax of this welcome gesture is the establishment of museums, meant only for contemporary art. In Denver, Colorado and Miami Florida, there are beautiful magnificent museums for contemporary art.