Contemporary art a brief

Contemporary art is the type of art which is created based on the current day. In short, any art that is created to relate to the current lifestyle is known as contemporary art.

Unlike modern art, this is usually created using the impressionists in the 1800’s up to the early 1970s. Both the arts are completely different from each other. One can say that the art that has been created from 1970s until today is known as contemporary art. Many wonder why 1970 is used as a cutoff period. This is because it was during this period that terms such as Postmodern & Postmodernism started gaining popularity. Simultaneously, it was in the year 1970s the last very easy classifiable artistic movements took place.

All these arts brings a reality in itself and a feeling of social consciousness as compared to the artwork of the previous era. The last 40 years showed that the arts have been created relating to some issue. Artists use social awareness artwork such as malnutrition, AIDS, globalization etc.