The Uses of Sculptures

Harry : July 3, 2013 6:30 am : Artworks

Being one of the oldest arts sculpting has gathered a wide array of uses over the years. The uses in which sculpture are put has been evolving. Today, as people come to appreciate the role of arts in the society, sculptures have gotten new uses. Take a look at the following uses of sculptures:


This is probably the oldest use of sculptures. Anciently, religion was mainly on belief of material things and beings that could only be seen. People could make their own gods or idols using stones or wood. In most parts of Africa, before harvesting or after harvesting, people would place their idols sculptured from wood and stone before them and worship them. This practice is not faded. Today, people still have deity and gods well sculptured form wood or stone and they painted.

Vessels and Utensils

There are a lot of shops and galleries that deal with utensils and vessels. These vessels and utensils are curved and shaped out of stones or wood. The main uses of these utensils are to store waters and flowers. In the ancient times, it is known that vessels for storing wine and water were made out of.


Jewelry has for long been made out of several materials which are crafted out of several materials like metal, stone and minerals. Anciently, stone was used to make bangles and other ornaments. Today, wood is crafted to make some images like crosses, maps of countries and continents, which are skillfully attached to beads.


Sculpture have for so long been put to this use – symbols of power and sovereignty. Statues made of stones and wood have been erected in palaces and state houses to represent the ruling entities. Wales is one such place where statues are found in streets to commemorate people who had significant history.

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Sculpting, an Old Component of Visual Art

Harry : July 3, 2013 6:17 am : Artworks

Sculpting is one of the oldest indicators of ancient art. With the likes of music, basketry and wrestling, sculpting is loved for its aesthetics and ability to passively pass on a message. This art basically involves cutting, flaking and shaping of a piece of material into a desirable shape of a creature most notable human beings and animals.

Ancient artists in this line of art used to make statues of kings and beast as a representation of their sovereignty. One of these great leaders whose image is adversely sculpture is Alexander the great of Greek.

The original material that was used in sculpting was stone. Stone was preferred because of its smoothness and light weight compared to metal. Less energy and materials were used to make sculptures using stones. With improvements in materials and technique, what can be seen as a revolution brought into this art. Among these new materials included wood, plastic and some selected metals like zinc.

Today, sculpting has taken another turn. Improved technology has necessitated this turn. The use of technology to smooth-en, paint and accessorize sculptures has made more people to appreciate sculpture for being real. The situation has even been made easier over the year with governments endorsing the art. This has been done through inclusion of sculpting in school curricular. An example of such move is in Yale University in the U.S and Kenyatta University in Kenya and many more universities.

Apart from their aesthetic value, sculptures have yet another use. This is a sacred use. Some people buy sculpture for religious purposes. Idol worship is one such use. However, they are not necessarily worshiped by some religious people but used as a go between man and God. One such sculpture is one that is used in Roman Catholic.

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Historical Trajectory of Film

Harry : July 2, 2013 1:54 am : Artworks

Comedy is as old as human civilization. Centuries have passed since comedy hit the screens of televisions. More importantly is the development that has been described by gurus in this field as a major revolution. It is really a revolution that has been introduced by technology and other stylistic aspect that has led to a transformation of the field. The following is the history of comedy:

Comedy can trace its genesis in the late 18th centuries where it was among the few if not the only form of television entertainment. Silence was the dominant feature in this category an attribute that is believed to have been so because of the meager knowledge of recording sound effects. So silent were the films that burlesque and parody were the major forms of through which comedy was realized. Burlesque is an explicit realization of a theme or an art that is mainly aimed at an adult audience.

Another form through which comedy was made was through slapstick. This is a serious illusion that is portrayed in a comic manner. The forms include things that would present a more realistic image of the true world. Violence, collision and vulgar language would be used to make the theatrical pieces lively.
Much later in the 18th century, Charlie Chaplin a pioneer and a later day celebrated comical icon revolutionized the slapstick. His later comedy features a less vigorous and less violent acts. He tried to make film as natural as the environment demanded. His first comic piece called “Making a Living” was his grand entry into fame and gesture of his contribution to transforming the young industry. His other successive films were awash with him being chases – a good aspect of slapstick.

The contribution of Chaplin ushered in more transformations that have to date been accompanied by technological aspects.

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Comedy, The Earliest Genre of Film

Harry : July 2, 2013 1:52 am : Artworks

In the history of film and film making, comedy features prominently. Comic genres are the earliest to venture in the industry of film and film making. The root of this ancient genre points out to pioneers like Charlie Chaplin who are commemorated for having feature prominently in silent comedy. Today, a lot has changed concerning comic films. Technological advancement has necessitated a revolution that has prompted new genres and sub-genres of comedy. The following are the major genres of comedy:

Verbal Comedy

This is the genre where most of the modern comedy falls. This category involves performance of skits and comic pieces that is mainly accompanied by spoken word. Characters say things or do things with aid of words.

Stand – Up – Comedy

Stand – up – Comedy has been fashionable in the last couple of years. This is where a comedian stands up to address an audience. The information delivered is comic and features humor, satire and jokes. Here, current issues are addressed in a comic way.

Slap Stick

This is among the earliest forms of comedy. Features of action movies id predominant in these comic films. Mild violence, fight, destruction of property like houses, swords and guns feature in this comic category.

Dark Comedy

This genre is one that is close to satire because the theme that informs this genre are serious but negative one. For example wars, floods, rape and abduction are some of the serious and negative issues that affect societies. Being so, they are abhorred. This makes people only to keep off these things but they are unable to do so comprehensively. As a way of creating awareness and to encourage people to face these vices effectively, this genre tries to make these themes approachable. They are approached through humor and satire.

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Traditional Art and Contemporary Art

Harry : May 2, 2013 1:31 pm : Artworks

Apart from the confusion between postmodern art and modern art, this is yet another group of eras that are hard to fathom. What these eras that seem to be all over the field of arts try to demonstrate is the fact that arts are dynamic. Nevertheless, it is still good to have facts right about each era. Here are some facts and differences about these eras:

Studies on traditional era points out that what can be called traditional art is that art that did not change when the field of art changed. Originality of what was done in ancient eras forms traditional era. Traditional arts were the ones produced in the classical era. Contemporary era however has futures of modernity on the art forms of traditional era. It however, should not be taken to mean that traditional art consist mediocre arts forms. At least here it is only time that differentiate them with some few shreds of modernism.

Imagination or weird imagination feature heavily on contemporary art. This feature is professionally called Abstraction. In traditional art, artists made works of art from what is observable and common in the human domain. For example, painting of human beings, paradise, the universe and such like things. This is however contrary to contemporary art when an artist is guided by his imagination.

It is also interesting how traditional art is vividly demarcated. Here, each type of art seems to remain it its domain. In other words there seem to be minimal mixing of the features of another art. For example, Painting was completely different from dancing and sculpting. Clearly, contemporary art is the one we see in art shops. Some of tenets of contemporary art include: Mixed media art which has featured prominently in contemporary art has everything to do with mixing of different art form in one piece of art.

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Postmodern and Modern Art

Harry : May 2, 2013 12:56 pm : Artworks

These two words have wrongly been used interchangeably for some time now. However, this wrong usage is understood especially when it is discussed by people who are not in the field of art. The reason for this lies in the fact that one is actually part of the other. It still good anyway to have to understand the difference because there is still some difference by the end of the day. Here are some of the differences:

Postmodern is a word that comes from the word modern, at least this is easy to note. The two involve some works of art that were produced in a given period of time that qualify to be called eras. Modernism comes before postmodernism. History will tell you that modernism started in the late 18th century sometime before the inception of the 19th century. However, modernism ended with the end of the Second World War. This is when the era of postmodernism starts, in 1945.

It however not accurate and sufficient to differentiate these two important eras just by the time that each covers, because further look at what each era covers will reveal other things. Among these things is the role of technology. In modern art, technology had not take over the field completely as it happened in postmodern era.

That postmodernism is a digital era is true. This era is characterized by computerized art. Here, art is presented in form of graphics and stored in computers. On the other hand modernism seems to be handy. Works of art had not taken the formal status. It was not typical to go to school to study arts because most artists worked based on their inner drive dictated by their “natural” talents. I am tempted to say that modernism had more original works of art that postmodernism, although quality is now enhanced in postmodernism.

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The Mediums of Art

Harry : April 23, 2013 7:16 pm : Artworks

I am only avoiding the use of the word types of arts in this discussion otherwise some people particularly those in the artistic domain might want to call them types of art. However, since it has become very difficult to define the word art comprehensively not only for me but also the artists themselves as well as those who have been in the field for long, everything seems to be works of art. Today, art can no longer be defined as the opposite of science because even science seem to drift to some elements of art. So I will give the basics and the fundamental elements of arts which were there in ancient arts. These are also the mediums of art.


It was at the center of ancient arts in the Roman, Greek and Egyptian civilizations. Architecture depicts some basic elements of arts like drawing, creativity, imagination and color. Temples and palaces of ancient pharaohs were a powerful manifestation of the beauty that arts possess.

Performance arts

Performances were very famous and prestigious in the ancient civilizations just as they are today. Kings and powerful people of the societies had live performances. Only the noble had access to the finniest of performances.


This is one of the dearest hobbies that only few people possess. Painting dates back in the late stone age of the famous evolution theory where man is believed to have started to paint his hut using animal blood. Color, which stands at a very prominent position in arts today is clearly a medium of art. It is the form in which a work of art manifests itself.


Archaeological evidences have revealed that drawings were part of life in early days. Art can be carried in drawings which is still evident in modern and postmodern arts.

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Styles in which works of art are realized

Harry : April 23, 2013 7:13 pm : Artworks

It is clear the artistic tactics and styles are growing by the day, a fact that can be attributed to the fact that artists themselves are creative and imaginative. Styles of presenting a work of art vary. This trend has led to cropping of different eras in art, like contemporary arts and post modern arts each with different domains. However, there are styles that have featured in these and various earlier generations of arts that are worth mentioning, and chances are that they will feature in coming days.

These styles are:

Popular Culture art

This is the style that captures those elements of arts that are known by the society. This style includes aspects of popular culture and it does so by mimicking the late generation artists. Calligraphy and graffiti are the most notable style of art


As the word suggests, this is a way of arranging elements in a particular formal way in a way that will appeal on the eye as well as the mind. This arrangement involves the elements of art like colors, shapes and lines.


This is a style or method that involves the emotions and psychological appeal of a work of art. This is done by tactfully manipulating the elements of art in order to achieve this goal. Illusions are best used for this purpose. Emotions and psychological appeal are attained through visual stimulation of a work of art. Repetition is the key for this appeal because an element of art like pattern is repeated to make it hard for you to discover the consistency of the patterns.


This is closely related to painting because it involves drawing and painting of plain surfaces. This could be a newer and better approach to painting which seem to incorporate creativity and overly stretched imagination.

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Painting a Wall using Mixed Media Art

Harry : March 21, 2013 5:40 am : Artworks

Painting a Wall Using Mixed Media Art
Decorating house walls have taken different forms. People through technology and other creative initiative have completely changed the idea of decoration. It started with the so much used method of hanging pictures with frames on the wall which was followed by ridiculously colored reborn and nets that went round the wall in the mid 1990s. In the new millennium, mixed media art took us with surprise when it was incorporated in our houses having thought for so long that they are best placed for museums and in public art galleries.

As the word insinuates, mixed media art is the combination of seemingly unrelated materials in one art work. When art is mentioned, those who are not so much it tend to think only of drawing and modeling. However, mixed media art has incorporated the use of colors, papers, fabric, oil and other different materials in art. For example, let us see how you can use mixed media art to paint a wall.

Using Collage

This is a traditional way of painting where an art work is done on a piece of paper or canvas then it is stuck on a wall. This method uses different materials too. Upon identifying what you want to paint. You spread a piece of paper or fabric.

Seal the edges of the paper and apply gel all over the paper.
Use thread to attain your desired design. Do so by spreading the tread on the well spread gel.

To make the surface feel rough, you use sand.
Put some sand on a tin and add paint on it then mix using a stick.

Locate an area within the art and spread the sand. When dry, this makes the surface rough.

You can decide to make a background of the picture by using different color other than the one used in the paper to make it stand out.

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Techniques of Mixed Media Art

Harry : March 12, 2013 7:28 am : Artworks

Mixed media artists normally have difficulties in coming up with ideas. Despite this there are various ways in which an artist can build up his perfection and up his game for a better place in the market. Every artist always wants to sell their piece of work and for this to happen one has to ensure perfection in whatever is being made. The uniqueness of a product combined with the skill used in making that product is what will always make buyers interested in one’s work. An artist therefore should find ways to improve in whatever he/she does best.

Updating oneself

A mixed media artist should always update himself with the latest approaches in the industry. Updating oneself through tutorials present in the internet are visiting helpful websites will always keep an artist in the know how and contribute to one’s own success.


One should always maintain the practice in his work. A painting artist despite watching the tutorials available on the net should know that his work will never be that exact as that online. Therefore practice should be a usually thing in the process of perfection. On top of that patience will be needed. An artist should not loose the hope of making what he/she needs as this form of art requires patience for the achievement of better results.


A mixed media artist should always be determined. Have that final picture of what one intends to have should always be the motivating factor in anything the artist is dealing with. Be it a painting, a carving or a sculpture an artist should always have that mental impression needed. Determination alone won’t be enough as an artist is required to maintain concentration and focus.

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.Using Mixed Media Art To Decorate a House

Harry : February 12, 2013 11:59 am : Artworks

Decorating a house has become a challenge for many people. Without the help of home decorators, some of the house would be complete messes especially if they have children. The reason is not so much in what we do not have but more in what is at our own disposal but is never utilized properly.
When decorating a house, the most that some people have opted to go is painting the walls and sticking some pictures of themselves. While this is not a bad idea, it is no longer fashionable besides being too plain. Decoration calls for creativity and imagination. You will be surprised when you invite a home decorator who will advise you that the simple things you have will go a long way in making your house that dream house you have always wanted. One of the best ways of decorating a house is by using mixed media art.

As the word suggests, mixed media art has to do with a mixture of certain aspects of art to create a wholesome and different art. Here are some of the ways of decorating your house using mixed media art.

Play with colors

The secret of mixed media art is color. When you have the right colors in then you will definitely get it right. Use different colors of pictures from those of the walls. The use of pieces of clothes is more fashionable than the use of paper.


While many people may not consider this as part of mixed media art, it is true that you can enhance the look of your living room by using different types of lights. A work of art looks different depending on the color of light that laminates on the art work.


Make different shapes from pieces of paper. Color them different. For example have the shape of love in which you draw a map of the globe. With a well colored frame it is a potential decorating feature.

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The Jargon of Mixed Media Art

Harry : February 4, 2013 7:06 am : Artworks

Arts have completely taken over the scene of the world. Everything has to incorporate artistic spell in one way or another. Science driven institutions like schools, hospital and firms have some sense of art in them because everything calls for artistic torch when they have do be decorated. The aesthetic value of works of art cannot be underestimated.

Like other fields, works of arts have their own language that is and can best be understood by artistes. Again, art is wide and has different ways of manifestation. Dance, music, drawing, ceramics and now mixed media art. This article gives interest to mixed media art and its jargon.


This is the category of art whose major raw material is clay. Its focus is mainly on the finishes of shaping. Flaking is an ancient method that replaced shaping of wood or stone to artistic materials


This concerns itself with support. Before any works of art commences, there is a background supporting materials that are put in place to support the main work. This is common in sculpture.


This has to do with color. It means the artistic work in its original form without color. Generally, black and white are used but the work is assumed to have no color.


You have probably come across a work of art and you thought that some elements have been exaggerated meaning that something has been used too much. Balance is the effort to have some even or uneven distribution of an element in a work of art. This is deliberate


This has to do with the surface of a drawing or a sculpture. These are deliberate fine crack on a work of art. They help to create a natural appeal to the work.

Egg Tempra

This is pain, particularly wet paint that is made from egg yoke.


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Mixed Media Art

Harry : January 8, 2013 8:20 am : Artworks

The emotive contribution of art work is not something to be ignored. Art work help us to connect with the world around us and appreciate things that we sometimes take for granted yet so crucial to our social, emotional and psychological growth. There are different works of art that serve this purpose, these include, Literature, painting, drawing and mixed media art. This article gives emphasis to mixed media art. Mixed media art is the combination of different visual arts preferably traditional art works. Caution should be taken to prevent mistaking mixed media art with multimedia art. While mixed media art implies a combination of things, it is quite the opposite.
Multimedia art combines both the visual and non visual art while mixed media art involve only visual art, the thin distinction comes with the nature of mixed media art using other elements of art to enhance the aesthetics of an art work. The following are some of the mixed media woks that have received a lot of acclaim:
Making of Buttons from Bones
Bones may be disposed off with a mental inclination that they have no use. However, with art almost everything can be put into use. With crystal paint together with alcohol ink you are set to making the beast buttons for yourself. All you need is smash the bones or grind them. Make a rough past of mixture of bone crystals, crystal paint and alcohol ink. Make a container in the shape you want your buttons to be. Heat the thick paste. Pour the paste in the ready container and make some small holes on them. Let the paste to dry on the container. Upon drying, remove the dry piece. You can paint the buttons using ink of your choice or better yet you can draw patterns.
Other forms of mixed media art is making paper cloth or flowers from papers, and then decorating them.

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Embracing Contemporary Art

Harry : January 8, 2013 8:20 am : Artworks

Contemporary art is modern art. The term modern does not mean just some few years ago, some believe that contemporary time began at the end of the Second World War. There are many genres of art. Music, dance, sculpture, drawing, and many more craft works have received a modern touch.
What makes an art contemporary? In order to answer this question effectively, it is important to look at ancient art and its characteristics compared to modern art. There is various little differences between the ancient and modern art. Firstly, the use of technology has greatly affected art. A perfect example of this trend is drawing. Drawing of ancient was just a pen and paper affair. Today, the case is completely different with the introduction of computerized art. More sophisticated tools and equipment for drawing are used. The same applies in other artistic works.
It is interesting to know that contemporary work is increasingly getting attention from all corners. Businesses are on the fore front in this regard. Advertisement is such one sector that has used contemporary art to a great extent. For example, companies that produce luxury goods are conspicuously using contemporary art in marketing.
Corporate organizations have been on the rise in advocating for the use of contemporary art. They have done this magnificently through sponsoring not just individual artists but also art awards. Graffiti a modern art form has been used as a way f communicating some message to the society. For example, there has been sensitization about dangers of social evils like rape, violence, and murder through graffiti drawn in streets. Reo de Janeiro in Brazil is one such city with numerous graffiti serving the same course.
The climax of this welcome gesture is the establishment of museums, meant only for contemporary art. In Denver, Colorado and Miami Florida, there are beautiful magnificent museums for contemporary art.

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The creativity of mixed media arts

NedNickson : July 6, 2012 6:50 pm : Artworks

If you have ever thought about just any creative outlet that is available to everyone then you should consider mixed media arts as well, that is, if you already did not. This very creative outlet is available to everyone regardless of the skills you have as an artist or even the materials of art that you probably may have at hand to use.
All you require is the passion or even just a little desire or wish to create something. You do not need a certain level of technique or certain skills that are special and characteristic to mixed media arts. Actually, there are many ways to define mixed media arts but one of the most basic ways to do that is to simply, say that it is a broad art that covers all arts and crafts, including all simple artistic handmade items.
The beauty of mixed media arts is actually the simple fact that you could actually get started by use of just what you have got in your hands. You could use a cardboard, a sheet of manila paper, a sheet of normal paper, just anything could get you started. You also need glue or another type of adhesive, just anything that could stick little things up on the sheets that you already have.
A lot of gluing or sticking things up is involved in this type of art. Mixed media arts could as well involve drawing things up as well as painting. If you are interested in taking on this line then you might as well get started the same way as the other line of mixed media arts mentioned in the previous statements. After getting a base on which to draw or paint, you need something to create certain marks in a rather creative and sensible manner.

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