• The Uses of Sculptures

    Being one of the oldest arts sculpting has gathered a wide array of uses over the years. The uses in which sculpture are put has been evolving. Today, as people come to appreciate the role of arts in the society, sculptures have gotten new uses. Take a look at the following uses of sculptures: Religion more »

  • Sculpting, an Old Component of Visual Art

    Sculpting is one of the oldest indicators of ancient art. With the likes of music, basketry and wrestling, sculpting is loved for its aesthetics and ability to passively pass on a message. This art basically involves cutting, flaking and shaping of a piece of material into a desirable shape of a creature most notable human more »

  • Historical Trajectory of Film

    Comedy is as old as human civilization. Centuries have passed since comedy hit the screens of televisions. More importantly is the development that has been described by gurus in this field as a major revolution. It is really a revolution that has been introduced by technology and other stylistic aspect that has led to a more »

  • Comedy, The Earliest Genre of Film

    In the history of film and film making, comedy features prominently. Comic genres are the earliest to venture in the industry of film and film making. The root of this ancient genre points out to pioneers like Charlie Chaplin who are commemorated for having feature prominently in silent comedy. Today, a lot has changed concerning more »